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COVID-19 and the heart

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We have set up a project looking at how the heart is being affected by the COVID-19 virus, by using ultrasound. Please read all about the project and how you can help on our fundraising page


Who we are

Our busy Cardiac Research Unit is found in the Cardiology department at Northwick Park Hospital, working along side the clinical teams to improve our treatment of heart disease. While our department specialises in researching methods of the imaging of the heart using ultrasound, we also have several clinical trials going on at any one time in our various interest areas.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our research, and all funding received goes directly into our research projects.

Our Interest Areas

Heart Attack

Heart Failure


Cardiac Imaging

Atrial Fibrillation


Our Latest News

Current Research Projects

Current Research Projects

Now that research is restarting, we really want to carry on our work researching into heart disease. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch and we will call you and discuss if you would be eligible for any of our current projects.

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Patient Information

Patient Information

We have always taken hygiene very seriously in the department. We are aware that some people have concerns when attending hospitals. This has now been stepped up to a higher level to ensure you can attend the department safely and confidently.

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Can you help us?

Would you like to take part in research?

​At the Department of Cardiac Research we are always looking for heart patients to take part in a variety of projects aimed at improving our knowledge about heart disease. If you are interested in volunteering please read our Get Involved page which gives details of current projects and how to take part as a volunteer.

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