We are always trying to raise funds so we can continue our research. 


Amazon smile

Amazon have a feature that allows you to donate to charity without any cost to yourself. It is only a small percentage of the purchase value, but these can really mount up. 

By accessing amazon through smile you can  help raise funds for the department so we can carry on with our work.



If you go to you will see all the information required to set this up – it takes less than a minute!

How else you can help

We welcome donations to our charity – everything received goes directly into our research.

If you are a heart patient, you could volunteer to take part in a research project. If you get in touch with us, then we will give you a call and see if you would be suitable for any of our current projects.

Learn more

If you have heart disease and would like more information please visit:

To learn more about the team and other ways to help please get in touch.