We are delighted to welcome Kiruba Rajan into our research team. Kiruba is an experienced research nurse, with a background in cardiology. We also have a new research fellow Lasha Gvinianidze starting next week. Lasha’s post has been supported by a donation given in memory of David Joseph.

David was born prematurely in 1934 and did not enjoy the best health. He had a heart attack aged 54 and another more serious one 2 years later, which eventually led to him passing away after a period of ill health. His family are very proud of his achievements, running a family business in the North east and being involved in various charities, including the Rotarians.

The treatment of heart disease, led by research,  has changed considerably since David had his heart attack in 1988. We are honoured that his family have chosen to make this donation to our charity so that this research can continue.