Our Project


You can really make a difference here! Our work has been changed completely by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, our commercial research projects, from which we derive our income, are all on hold. We are also unable to carry out our academic projects, apart from the ones we can do by phone. However, we are using our skills and expertise to contribute to the knowledge about COVID-19 and the heart. We have set up a research project which looks at how the COVID-19 virus affects the heart.


What it involves


We are asking patients who have been admitted to hospital with the virus and who need a heart ultrasound scan as part of their care if they would be happy to take part. If they agree, we will collect their data from their admission. This information includes their blood test results and the tablets they are taking. We will also record any medical problems they have had in the past.  After 6 months  we will invite them for a second ultrasound scan so the images can be compared. We hope that we will be able to see if ultrasound is a good way of detecting those at most risk from the virus.  




The research has been approved in the normal way by an independent Ethics committee.  The hospital Research and Development team have also given permission for it to go ahead. At the time of writing more than 30 patients have agreed to take part. We very much look forward to seeing them in six month’s time.  


Our Journey


The team worked so hard to get this project up and running – it was like condensing work that normally takes a year into 2 weeks. All worth it to be able to add to the information that is being learnt about COVID-19 and the heart. We will publish our results in peer reviewed medical journals. We will make sure that the link to the paper is provided here.   


How you can help

 We cannot carry on with our work without funding for very long, so any support you can give is so valuable. All donations will go directly into this research.



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