Our journey

If you had told me in January how our life would change I would not have imagined it to this extreme. The Cardiac Research team totally threw themselves into the global challenge of learning about COVID-19. Within 3 weeks we had our research project looking at COVID-19 and how it affects the heart, up and running. We could not have done this alone. The team all worked together, with everyone contributing, and with a fast tracked review from the Ethics committee and HRA. Our R&D department at the hospital has also been working flat out and gave approval as soon as possible.


We normally do not need PPE to carry our our tests. We had to learn the art of donning and doffing safety as well as taking scans of patient’s hearts while wearing PPE. With the additional challenges of all other aspects of infection control as well, I am pleased to be able to say that so far everyone has remained well throughout this.


We have been offered so much help to enable us to do our work. We have had donations of hand sanitiser, masks, gloves and gowns. To meet all these people who are prepared to give so much has been incredible. We thank you all, and hope that some will come and visit us after Covid-19 is less prevalent.

After COVID-19

This is somewhat uncertain at present. We are hoping that soon our other funding streams will restart after Covid-19. This is mainly the research we do for various different sponsors, but we have to wait until people are confident about coming to hospital again, as some study activities cannot be done remotely. We really miss our patients. The joy of research is the relationship you build with people over the time they are taking part in a study. It is like saying goodbye to friends at the end, and many come back to do another study, which is a pretty good endorsement of our work. Watch this space. We will keep you posted.

Can you help?

We would welcome any one wanting to do a fundraising event for us and will support you all we can. Please get in touch if you can help! https://www.cardiac-research.org/get-in-touch.

You can also visit our fundraising page on: https://www.givey.com/covid19andtheheart