Work Experience

Our staff know how hard it is for students to get work experience placements. They have experienced this difficulty themselves the past. They are also keen to showcase what working in research entails, and how rewarding it can be to young people.

LNWUH NHS trust has an excellent programme. Students attend the hospital for a week, with the first day in induction, and the next 3 days in one of the departments.  The final day  is for feedback and consolidation.

We have now had several students spending time with us through this programme. We received really good feedback about their time spent with us. They had a broad range of experiences including an introduction to Good Clinical Practice training. We also spoke about the ethics behind clinical research. Students we able to shadow our research doctors and learnt how to handle some of the blood samples (using fake blood) that we process.

Unfortunately the programme is currently suspended because of the coronavirus situation. When available, the link to apply is here.

Alternatively, if you let us know if you are interested in doing work experience with us, please get in touch and we will notify you when the programme reopens.