Get Involved

Taking part in a clinical trial can be very rewarding. It gives you a chance to help others, as well as getting specialist care yourself for the duration of the trial. Many of our patients are sorry when a trial comes to and end, and frequently sign up to do another one if they fit the criteria!

Academic Projects

We currently have three research fellows working in our department who have the opportunity to carry out their MD projects. These projects are looking at different ways of improving our care of heart patients by the use of non-invasive imaging techniques. They are looking at a range of heart problems – from Aortic Stenosis to the use of Stress Echocardiography in women. We are also evaluating tests that have been done in the past and making comparisons between different tests.

Our projects and trials are listed below. If you would like to volunteer for a trial or find out more information, please click on the ‘Find out how to volunteer’ button and drop us an email or use the contact form on our Get in Touch page.

Ethical Approval

All research operates under a favourable opinion from an National Research Ethics Service (NRES) Ethical committee and the Health Research Authority (HRA) as well as has permission of the Research and Development Department in the NHS Trust.

All our staff undertake specialist training to ensure that the research is carried to the highest standard and the patient’s interest is always the main priority.

Many of our patients enjoy being part of research and have taken part in several different projects over the years.

I would though, like to take this opportunity to praise the staff that I came into contact with during my involvement in the Cardiac Trials. I can honestly say that during my time on the trials, I was treated with nothing but respect, kindness, care and good humour. I was always given the fullest of information before taking part, and then treated with the utmost care and consideration at all times.

Miles Registry

If you have a stent inserted to open your coronary artery while in our department, you may be asked to take part in a registry study. This involves nothing more than us contacting you by phone for a period of time (up to 5 years) to see how you are progressing. The stents are all in everyday use.

Heart Failure

We are looking for patients to take part in a two heart failure trials. If you have heart failure and are interested then please contact the study team and we will give you more information. Participation will involve coming to hospital for clinic appointments every few weeks to start with, then every 6 months. We can reimburse you for your travel expenses, or organise a taxi for you to bring you to each appointment, where you will receive excellent specialist care from our experienced team of doctors, nurses and study co-ordinators.


Patients who have had a heart attack fairly recently are being asked if they would be interested in taking part in this trial. It first involves a blood test to check for a certain gene, and if they have the gene and are happy to take part they are randomised to take dalcetrapib or a placebo tablet. Dalcetrapib is a drug which raises the “good” cholesterol and is thought that this may help prevent a further heart attack.


Recruitment has now finished for this important trial, with the in person follow up period continuing until 2019 and long term for 10 years.

This study compares tablet treatment of heart disease with interventional treatment to find out which is the best.

For more information please visit the trial website:


We have just finished recruiting for this trial, recruiting over 80% of the patients required in record time, thanks to our excellent Physiologist team.