ECG and Echo Workshops






ECG for Clinical Research


Led by our Physiology Research and Education Lead – Reinette Hampson, our ECG for Clinical Research Workshop is a one-day workshop delivered at Northwick Park Hospital for any Healthcare Professionals working in research. The aim of the workshop is to provide delegates with a foundation in the theory and practice in performing ECGs for clinical research. The morning is a theoretical classroom session, followed by a practical afternoon performing ECGs on a volunteer patient.


The workshops are arranged as required and cost £100 per delegate.


Feedback from previous delegates:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the practical session. It really brought together all the things we learnt and allowed us to identify gaps in our knowledge. It also allowed us to use our problem solving skills when figuring out why the ECG results did not turn out as we expected.”


“I thought the session was truly amazing and should be offered to all new research staff as ECG’s are so important in research and clinically. Being able to perform this properly is a paramount skill to have in any healthcare profession.”


“Brilliantly delivered initial workshop. Very knowledgeable educators and engaging sessions.”


Practical Stress Echo Course


Professor Roxy Senior and Reinette Hampson, FBSE will be delivering this two-day theoretical and practcal stress echo course. The course is aimed at Cardiologists, Physiologists, Sonographers, Clinical Scientists, and Stress Nurses with a focus on preparing candidates to undertake the BSE stress echo exams.


Coming Autumn 2024. More details to follow soon.



Please contact the Cardiac Research Business Manager if you would like to discuss arranging training for yourself or your team

Emma Howard,