I am young and have had a heart attack – what can I do?

If so, I am sure you want to do all you can to prevent the risk of heart disease. We have known for a while that something called lipoprotein (a), which is found in the blood, seems to increase the risk of hardening of the arteries. However, there has been no treatment that lowers it. This means that it is not routinely measured in blood tests.

New treatment to reduce heart attack risk

There is now a possible new treatment for people who have a raised level of Lp(a) and already have heart disease. They may also have had a stroke, or narrowings to the leg arteries.

How do I know if I have raised Lp(a)?

You probably don’t! But if you are interested in learning more, please get in touch.  

Interested in learning more?

Information about our research into this is available  on the current studies page of our website. Information into our current research project is available on the clinical trials.gov website. Be warned – it is very technical, so not easy to understand. The trial is called Horizon and is sponsored by Novartis.

If you would like some general information about how to reduce your risk of heart disease please get in touch with our specialist nurse, using  the contact form below. The email is sent using secure NHS mail and is completely confidential. 

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