Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your donation to Northwick Park Cardiac Research Charity. We have received it with thanks. All funds received go directly towards our research. If you would like to track our progress, why not sign up for our newsletter? Then you can see exactly how you are making a difference.

Why we do it

Research is constantly evolving as new information is discovered about heart disease. Often answering one question raises several more. This is how we learn the best way to diagnose and treat heart patients. It means that new projects are being started all the time. Unfortunately one of the main limiting factors is obtaining funding. The British Heart Foundation fund some amazing projects, but grants are very competitive.


Funding is particularly difficult for smaller charities. As we put all our donations into our research work, we do not employ a fundraiser to raise awareness of of work. We are currently a team of 9 incredibly enthusiastic people. Our unit publishes on average 21 original papers every year which is quite remarkable given our size. It  reflects the quality of the research we produce. These publications are in high quality peer reviewed journals. In addition, we present our papers at international and national conferences throughout the world.

Taking part

We form a close relationship with our patients who take part in our trials, and really miss seeing them once the trial ends, although many keep in touch. These lovely patients often volunteer for another trial as they have really appreciated the care they receive by the specialist team while they have been taking part.

Thank -you

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken away both our main funding streams and although we are now starting to rebuild, we have a long way to go. This makes your support even more important than ever. Again, thank you for your donation. It really is appreciated.